Angelina Jolie Astrology Chart

Here`s a glimpse of Angelina Jolie`s Astrology Chart, one of the most talented and famous female actress of Hollywood, born in 04/Jun/1975 in Los Angeles. She is a Gemini with ascendant on Cancer.

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angelina jolie astrology chart

Angelina Jolie`s Natal Chart generated for Uranus Astrology App

Planet SunSextilePlanet Moon

Sun Sextile Moon

Harmony between male and female energy, emotional balance, popularity, extroversion, harmonic marriage, friendship and easy communication with the opposite sex.

Planet SunSextileMars

Sun Sextile Mars

Leadership skills, extroversion, decisiveness, courage and strength to overcome difficulties. Sensuality, love for sports and health.

Planet SunSextileJupiter

Sun Sextile Jupiter

Aspect of protection, something bad is rather unlikely to happen, but if that’s the case, everything can be saved even at the last minute. Generosity, optimism, confidence, love for journeys and justice.

Planet SunTRIANGLEPlanet Pluto

Sun Trine Pluto

Immense psychic abilities, inexorable energy, aptitude for opening new paths and achieving his goals, good relations with authority, concentration, leadership abilities.

Planet SunSextileMC

Sun Sextile MC

Leadership skills that will be expressed at work, in order to achieve professional and social promotion.

Planet MoonTRIANGLEPlanet Neptune

Moon Trine Neptune

Immense psychic abilities, vivid imagination without losing the sense of reality, creativity, spirituality, emotional harmony, aptitude for psychoanalysis.

Planet MercurySextilePlanet Jupiter

Mercury Sextile Jupiter

Great mental abilities, favoured in his profession, capable of a great career. Law, religion, philosophy, education are his favourite fields. He can attract positive situations, he enjoys travelling, and comes into contact with other social cultures and different countries.

Planet MercurySextileMC

Mercury Sextile MC

Great communication skills, which allow success and promotion both in professional and social life. Flair for shaping and implementing integrated strategies.

Planet PlutoSextileThe Ascendant

Pluto Sextile First House – The Ascendant

Vision, inspiration, unique, enchanting expression that is particularly appealing to the world. Perception out of the ordinary.

Planet MoonAries Sign

Moon 13°05′ Aries

Ambition, leadership abilities, courage, confidence, stubbornness, egoism, independence, impulsivity, outbursts of anger, indifference to other people’s opinion.

13° – Degree of solitude:
Tendency for solitude and escapism.

Planet Venus

Venus 28°09′ Cancer

Maternal instinct, self-sacrifice, sensitivity, love for the home, she gets easily hurt and wears a mask to conceal it. Moodiness, unpredictable reactions that become a threat to the marriage she longs for.

28° – Degree of repression:
Difficulties of enemies, restriction on freedom due to unexpected events.

MarsAries Sign

Mars 10°42′ Aries

Strength, courage, aggression, impulsivity, battle to win, egoism, independence, love for sports, but also lack of patience, violence, madness, anger. They have to learn to be patient, that the universe does not owe them and of course they have to learn to love.

10° – Degree of allure:
Gentle but weak, carried away by passions.

Planet JupiterAries Sign

Jupiter 17°25′ Aries

Extroversion, generosity, good health, optimism, innovation, elevated spirituality, inventiveness, ideas, persistence, justice. Whatever he assumes, he can take it further than anyone else. In negative aspects, rudeness, authoritarianism.

17° – Degree of harmony:
Love, sociability, in harmony with the opposite sex.

Leo Sign

Second House 20°49′ Leo

Games of chance, theatre, music, trade of luxurious goods, education.

20° – Degree of revelation
Spirit of research, a restless mind committed to reveal the secrets of the world.

Fourth HouseLibra Sign

Fourth House 17°52′ Libra

A house full of life, relationships, socially pleasant, beautiful, can be also used for public relations.

17° – Degree of hospitality
An open house, hospitable and a friendly mood, resulting in mutual acceptance.

Alterations of residence, or sudden changes of decoration, a house full of technology, many friends who are involved in occultism or other group activities, scientific experiments, lack of commitment to his parents, eccentric and unusual family.

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