Astrological Remedies for Family conflicts

In today’s scenario where everyone is facing problem whether it is big Or small related to astrological issues we have to consult an astrologer. In joint family different Types of problem arise such as clash of ideas or views, land disputes, property disputes etc. Now that’s why joint families are gradually decreasing and nuclear family is coming into existence. We are in such a verge that even small misunderstandings may lead to great problems, so we have to find it out and solve it with our astrology app. everybody today his occupied by a series of negative energy around themselves and they want to get rid of them. We can understand more from following headings.

  • Destiny:

Destiny is the major factor which plays very important role in our daily life. We often think that i am not getting job, good things are not happening to me, will i get married or not? What we are facing today is truly based on our past karmas, good did or bad dids we have done in our past. There are some more things which are under consideration in these regard.

  • Irritated:

In today’s life everyone faces many kind of problems around their life, so eventually they get frustrated. Problem like financial issue, family problem etc. If someone suffer from such kind of problem one should take some lemon and green chilies tied it together with string and move it around the affected person and hang it somewhere else. Things will change dramatically. Create Natal Chart or astrological chart using app

  • Look at your palms:

It is said in our religious books that after waking in morning if we see our palm it will make our life peaceful and make our day. It is also important for general well being of the family. If we will take something in morning after rinsing out mouth properly, it will make our life peaceful for the whole life.

  • Chronic diseases:

Chronic diseases are the disease which has a very long lasting effect in our life. Chronic diseases such as migrain, joints pain, stomach problem etc. there are many measures taken to heal it but one of the powerful measure known so far is take 12 pieces of gomti chakra and tied it with silver thread and tied it around the affected person, result will
surprise you.

  • No money:

Financial issue is very common issue among all houses and people try different kind of efforts to get rid of it. They use to pray God, try pujas and havana in their house and tied some spiritual things around their house to get rid of this. If someone take 12 tulsi leaves with saffron and mix with regular dough and make chapati, result will surprise you.

  • For health and wealth:

Different kind of measures is taken to fulfill our home with money and prosperity. People use to do different kind of pujas and havana other spiritual step to increase health and wealth in their house. One ancient method among this take container fills with mud, place some silver coins in it wrap it with red cloth and place it in north-east direction of the house. Result will be astonishing. More info install Solar Return Chart.

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