Understanding Astrology: A practical advice

A horoscope is a combination of many systems that make up a person and understanding Astrology is a good way to understand our-self.

Understanding Astrology

First, read the tendencies that each of the planets conveys to each sign, followed by the attributes expressing the houses, and finally the negative and positive aspects that are created among them. The synthesis of all that information gives the tendencies a person possesses and those he is inclined to express during his life.

Positive aspects are the knowledge being properly expressed, while the negative ones are those issues a person must take up to achieve perfection. The point is a deeper understanding of our “being”, so as to master our self and refrain from acting in anger.
Education, knowledge and the decision to live without evil actions are choices that depend on the free will of each person.

Signs are the “how”, houses are the “where” and planets show the “when” an event will be expressed. Our reaction to it, depending on our education, self-knowledge and free will, create the reality we will experience. Nothing should be taken for granted, and nothing can be accomplished without us and the choices we make at each moment.

By comprehending the difficult sides of our self – anger, tendency to violence, our egoism – we can conquer our passions, understand them and transcend them, thus creating a really beautiful reality for us and those around us.

The planetary transits activate all those things we’re keeping inside us: passions, desires, fallacies and fears, but also love and understanding. They show us the period of time when an event will be expressed, pleasant or not. They are the reflection of our inner world in the physical world. All the things we have inside us are not expressed in unison and simultaneously.

Depending on the time period, the age, or the incentives, they are activated and expressed; they become visible. Therefore, we never express our self in the same manner. On some occasions we act positively, on others negatively. Events and people are the stimulus to express and discover our inner world, everything we have stored in our hard drive, in our soul. They help us distinguish love, as well as our fears.

So everything takes part in a game that helps us evolve and understand our self. When planetary aspects – let’s assume a positive and a negative – are activated simultaneously, usually the strongest one is imposed.

A positive aspect of Mercury and Venus is not as forceful as a disharmonic aspect of Saturn and Venus. Transits are related to the time period and duration of an event. The Moon passes by a sign in two and a half days, while for Pluto it is more than twenty years.

It is logical that, depending on the planet, anything positive or difficult may vary in duration and depth.

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