Cristiano Ronaldo Astrology Chart

Check here about Cristiano Ronaldo Astrological Chart, this phenomenon of modern soccer that was born in 05/Feb/1985 in Funchal, Portugal. He is an Aquarius with ascendant on Capricorn. Read what ‘Uranus Astrology’ reveals about his personality.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Astrology Chart

Facts from Cristiano`s Natal Chart


Sun Trine MC

He’s interested in social promotion, he works hard for this, which increases the chances for his career success in. He has leadership abilities and is favoured in public life.


Mercury Sextile Mars

A sharp mind that cannot act without thinking, thus resulting in achieving his objectives easily and being effective and efficient. He is passionate about his ideas.


Venus Sextile Jupiter

An aspect that brings good luck, easy and comfortable life, chance in love affairs, good emotions, but also social acceptance and popularity.

Planet MarsTRIANGLESaturn

Mars Trine Saturn

Capable and bold, he can handle great responsibilities, he can overcome hardships, face any kind of danger and work hard to achieve his goals. Serious and reserved, he’s interested in creating anything that can stand the test of time.


Jupiter Sextile Saturn

Harmony between the extroversion, the expansion and the excitement of Jupiter and the practicality, reservation and organisation of Saturn, resulting in wisdom and superior knowledge in his fields of interest.


Uranus Sextile MC

Love for friends, for working with friends, who help him demonstrate his abilities and succeed. He enjoys living in an open house for friends and sharing everything with them.

Planet PlutoSextileThe Ascendant

Pluto Sextile First House – The Ascendant

Vision, inspiration, unique, enchanting expression that is particularly appealing to the world. Perception out of the ordinary.

Planet MoonLeo Sign

Moon 10°51′ Leo

Need for recognition, for admiration from others, kindness, generosity, responsibility, but also egoism, enforcement upon others, but love for children.

JupiterCapricorn Sign

Jupiter 29°40′ Capricorn

Conservative, he works diligently and more than what is asked on his behalf, which results in problems in his relationships. He does not wait for the moment, but he creates it. Serious, lives for his work, striving for money and power, a bit stingy and in difficult aspects, avaricious.

From Cristiano`s Progressed Chart

MarsAries Sign

Mars 26°21′ Aries

Strength, courage, aggression, impulsivity, battle to win, egoism, independence, love for sports, but also lack of patience, violence, madness, anger. They have to learn to be patient, that the universe does not owe them and of course they have to learn to love.

Ninth HouseLibra Sign

Ninth House 26°15′ Libra

Studies, partnerships, relationships, even a marriage overseas or with a person from a foreign country.

26° – Degree of offer
Happy family life, good relationships, hospitality, success, simplicity.


Strong moral and spiritual values concerning life, but also for family matters. Her beliefs are very deep, hardly ever change and depend on experience, emotion and not on objective facts and logic.

Leadership and spiritual abilities, love for the truth, he cannot stand hypocrisy, a mind that searches in depth and pays attention to detail. Philosophy, religion, science are the fields that attract this Pluto. In difficult aspects, he can be doctrinal and expects everybody to accept his way of thinking.

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