The Planets in Astrology

The planets in Astrology are the foundation stone of the whole culture around Astrology and the Horoscope.

Planet SunSun

The ego, the personality, the expression, the ambition, the confidence, the energy, the dignity, the honour, the heart, the spine, the sperm, the heredity. Depending on the sign and the house, a person can shine and be distinguished. The Sun is strong in Leo as a ruler, in Aries and in Sagittarius, but difficult in Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. I is an intermediate state in the other signs.

Planet MoonMoon

The moods and the abilities, the memory, the subconscious thoughts, the mother, family life and everyday life. The nutrition, the stomach, the womb, the body fluids, madness, the instincts. , The Moon shows the relations with women in both sexes, the type of woman that attracts a man, as well as the emotional bonds of a person, depending on the sign and the house. The Moon works better for Cancer, Taurus and Pisces as a ruler, less so in Capricorn, Scorpio and Virgo. In the other signs, it is an intermediate state.

Planet MercuryMercury

The conscious mind and logic. You are, what your thoughts are. It is the bridge between conscious and unconscious. The way of thinking and expressing. Depending on the sign, the house and the aspects with the other planets, we see the rapidity or the slowness of thought, the learning ability, the work, the nervous system, the hands, the reflexes, the awareness, the memory, the conscious mind. Mercury rules in Gemini and Virgo, he is strongly expressed in Aquarius and Scorpio, but difficult in Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo and Taurus.

Planet VenusVenus

Refinement, harmony, love, beauty, art, emotion, tenderness, sociality, good fortune and material goods are some of the gifts of Venus. Depending on the sign, the house and the aspects with other planets, we can see if there is luck or misfortune in relationships, joy or disappointment, positive or negative feelings, love or fear. In the horoscope of a male, she shows the type of woman that attracts him. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra, wild in Pisces, kind in Aquarius, tougher in Aries, Virgo, Scorpio and Leo. She affects the ovaries, the neck and the blood circulation.

Planet MarsMars

Action, energy, power, courage, sexuality, conquest, primitive instincts, aggression. In a female horoscope it shows the type of man she is physically attracted to. Mars affects the medical operations, the red blood cells, pain-inflicting diseases, accidents, inflammations and fever. He rules in Aries, he is strong in Capricorn and Leo, weaker in Libra, Aquarius and Cancer. In the other signs, it’s an intermediate state. Depending on the sign, the house and the aspects, we see the energy, the strength, the courage, the sexuality or the fears, the aggression, even the violent tendencies of a person.

Planet JupiterJupiter

The planet of spreading and abundance. Depending on his position in a horoscope, we can see where there is luck and abundance, either wealth or poverty, success or failure, good or bad health, etc. He is the big benefactor and rarely has negative influences. His position on a map points to where there will be luck, growth and distinction. He affects the pancreas, the liver, the hips, the thighs, body insulin, body fat. He is connected with religion, philosophy, travelling, foreign countries, legal law, horses, books and press. In his positive expression, depending on the position and the aspects, he brings luck, wealth, ambition dignity, generosity and honesty; in a negative expression, loathness, extravagance, fanaticism and conceit. He rules in Sagittarius, he is strong in Cancer, Taurus and Pisces, difficult in Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini and Scorpio, and an intermediate state in the other signs.

Planet SaturnSaturn

The great educator and irreproachable judge. Many associate Saturn with obstacles, misfortune and ordeals, but it is the energy that educates us and makes us wiser. He lets us reap what we sow, good deeds are rewarded, evil deeds deliver punishment. He affects the skeleton, the teeth, the skin, the knees, chronic diseases, falls, body’s calcium, fear and bile. In his positive expression, depending on his position and relations on the map, he brings prudence, stability, self-discipline, patience, programmed hard work, endurance, austerity, humility; in a negative expression, misery, egoism, pessimism, narrow-mindedness, fear and obstacles. He rules Capricorn, he is strong in Libra, Aquarius and Virgo, difficult in Cancer, Aries and Pisces, and an intermediate state in the other signs.

Planet UranusUranus

The planet of great and sudden changes. Intuition, mental charismas, freedom, revolution, humanism, astrology, occultism, inventions, astronauts, outer space, electricity, science, and mental and spiritual enlightenment. In a negative expression, depending on his position and aspects on the horoscope, fanaticism, eccentricity, perversion and dictatorial tendencies. He affects the legs, the ankles, the body´s electrical charge, the neurological diseases, the intuitive mind, the blood circulation and the ex-rays. He acts suddenly and abruptly, bringing changes in life, travels, sudden love affairs, divorces, change of targets and of profession, unexpected inspiration and world-changing ideas. He rules in Aquarius, is strong in Scorpio, Gemini and Libra, is difficult in Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius and Aries, and an intermediate state in the other signs.

Planet NeptuneNeptune

The hardest planet to analyse, since he defines all those things that are hard to be perceived. In a positive expression, depending on his position and his aspects in the horoscope, he brings luck and protection, almost supernatural, enhanced spirituality, imagination, compassion, self-sacrifice, mental charismas, art, music, idealism, clairvoyance, inspiration, reverence and mysticism. People who have a strong Neptune seem to live in a different dimension. In a negative expression, self-delusions, sorrow, disappointment, deceit, drugs, psychic diseases, confusion, escape from reality, extreme sensitivity and encapsulation in institutions. He affects the legs, the body toxins, the disfigurements and anything that is hard to be determined. He rules in Pisces, he is strong in Cancer and Sagittarius, difficult in Capricorn, Gemini and Virgo, and an intermediate state in all other signs.

Planet PlutoPluto

He is the great transformer, the ruler of life and death; he brings the end of the old and the birth of the new. He has great wealth and the exercise of power behind the scenes. He is also the gangster, the organised crime, the underworld, the dictator. He is the unstoppable force, the sexual energy, the knowledge of the secrets of death, the power of rebirth, but also the power of destruction, emotional dependency, submission, obsessions, extreme fanaticism, chaos and absolute fear. Depending on his position and aspects to the other planets, Pluto will give a positive or negative side. He rules in Scorpio, is strong in Aquarius, hard in Capricorn and Cancer, and an intermediate state in all other signs.

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